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Why we do this, and love what we do...

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New babies and toddlers are the fresh new life to everything.  They give us hope, happiness, and heartburn. They drool on things, sleep all day(and party all night), they run as fast as they can while laughing and hoping you'll be chasing them when they turn around. They come into the world tiny and fragile but grow like weeds in the blink of an eye. They exhaust us, require 100% of our attention and never say thank you, but our lives are so much better now that they are here. 

Whether you're the parent, grandparent, Auntie or greatest fan, you get the honor and privilege of dressing them up, feeding them well, keeping them safe, and showing them all the best things in life.  We are here to help you do just that.

Erin Hadaller started Busy B Kids with a vision of bringing you high quality, unique baby and children's products. She knew there were great products out there just waiting to be discovered by our community. The families who lived here often shopped online or out of town for the things they wanted and needed. 

Our store in Ellensburg sits in a beautiful valley surrounded by rolling foothills, patchwork farmlands, and sights of the Stuart Mountain Range or the white wind turbines bringing us clean renewable energy. The downtown area is full of interesting artwork and fun landmarks. Downtown is also home to a lot of amazing small businesses for adults, from bookstore you galleries and various eateries. It's a beautiful and safe place to raise children but shopping options are limited. In the past, these limitations often meant people had to drive to another shopping area or order online far in advance to avoid showing up to the baby shower or birthday party with the same gift as two other guests. People were spending their money away from their community because they felt they had no options locally.

Downtown Ellensburg

This store has changed that. While we do have best selling, highly recommended baby shower gifts, unique baby and children's clothes, a variety of reusable cloth diapering options and lots of classic wooden toys, we also have high standards for the brands we carry and the companies we source from.

As a retailer, we believe we have a responsibility to support other companies that put their customers before their profit margins. Many of our brands are small businesses with high standards in quality, both in their product and their contribution to their communities and consumers lives.  Each company approaches these goals differently and we appreciate their dedication to excellence in business and responsible production. 

The major downfall of online shopping and big box chain stores is where Busy B Kids gets to shine. 

We make shopping a personal experience. From the moment you walk in the door or land on our website we want to get to know you! Our staff is very knowledgable of our products, they are all passionate about what they do and continue to grow and learn. Their skills and strengths vary from fashion and parenting, to babywearing and car seat safety. They don't have sales quotas to meet, they just really enjoy helping people find exactly what they want or need. You're shopping experience while in our store or on our website should be fun, personalized, and successful.  We want you to leave feeling excited for your next visit, not exhausted and frustrated. So send us a message or let our girls point you in the right direction and you're sure to find great things.

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