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How Breastfeeding and Babywearing Effect Attachment

Attachment Babywearing Breastfeeding

Building a strong attachment between baby and parent is such an important part of childrearing. Supporting children and responding to their needs will create strong bonds and promote healthy relationship building in the future.

How can you facilitate that secure attachment and make sure you are your child’s support? Breastfeeding and babywearing are great places to start!

Moms who breastfeed allow for skin-to-skin contact 8-12 times a day and therefore are more likely to correctly read their child’s cues and therefore respond to their needs. Ever notice those cute smiles, little giggles, or loud cries? All of those are pleas for attention, and breastfeeding encourages nurturance and a mutual understanding. During breastfeeding, oxytocin (happiness, bonding, milk let-down) and prolactin (calming, milk production) are released furthering that mother-child bond.

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Babywearing allows parent and child to maintain closeness throughout the entire day. Babies who are carried tend to be more attune to their caregivers breathing patterns, heartbeat, voice, and facial expressions. Not only that, but like with breastfeeding, parents have the opportunity to learn their child’s cues and how to respond to them. Babies who are carried tend to be happier too! :)

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 Guest author, Brittany Stamnes, is a masters student of Family and Child Life at Central Washington University and has been an employee with Busy B Kids almost since our very beginning. 

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