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The "Lifesavers" Kit

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Being a new mom is a cakewalk, the easiest thing I've ever done...said no mother ever.

In the age of the internet many new parents research everything, from what to eat during pregnancy to which stroller will fit their lifestyle best.  They might be overwhelmed by all the gadgets and gear that are out there claiming to save your sanity as a new parent. But not everything about the first few weeks of life with a new baby is anticipated, and much of it is not glamorous. From engorged breasts to lack of sleep, there's a lot of adjusting to be done in the first few days and weeks.   

One of the first physical changes that pregnant moms experience is itchy skin and stretch marks as that new little life grows in her belly.  Stretch marks are inevitable for some women but a good Stretch Mark Salvation massage serum can relieve some of the itching as the skin stretches and provide natural moisturizers to help with the elasticity of growing and shrinking bellies. The Babytime massage serum can also be used for baby massage and nourish new skin while facilitating baby's need for skin-to-skin touch. This can be beneficial in bonding with any loved one including Daddy or a grandparent.

Then there are the mother's physical changes from delivery.  Depending on what kind of birth she had, she may be sore, exhausted, physically weak, or recovering from surgery. If she had a non-surgical delivery she will be very sore. This may of may not be something she's thought about beforehand.  A cool perineal pack is a soothing relief after delivery. These are great to pack in her hospital bag(don't forget to have her support person put them in the fridge!) or to have ready when she gets home.  Put those breast pillows in there too!  Within the first 1-5 days her milk will come in and she will likely be very uncomfortable.  Nursing baby often will help to establish and regulate her milk supply.  Cool gel packs will ease the tenderness and pain while warm packs will help with let down before feeding or pumping.  Warm packs can also help alleviate clogged milk ducts. 

If she's nursing baby or pumping breast milk she will likely end up with very sore nipples.  Even when baby has a perfect latch she will have an adjustment period of her nipples getting used to the new action.  A nipple cream high in natural oils that will melt and will glide on will be essential.  Any good nipple cream will also be safe for baby and not need to be washed off before feeding.

In the hospital nurses will have taken baby's temperature with a medical grade thermometer.  The pediatrician also took baby's temperature and maybe advised her about what to look for if baby gets a fever.  But does she know where her thermometer is?  will it work for a baby?  What if she's not sure if its working right? The baby will hate getting their temperature taken, no mater the method.  So let Mom rest easy with an infrared no-touch thermometer. If it can get measure the correct temperature of your chicken it can definitely handle reading a baby's forehead. Besides, everyone knows not to wake a sleeping baby.

The first few weeks will be hazy as lack of sleep, visitors, feedings every 3-4 hours, and the physical recovery take their toll. These first few weeks will have lots of precious memories and firsts for your family.  A baby memory book is a great thing to keep around to record some of these firsts that a sleep deprived mind may not remember in a year or two. 

While this "Lifesaver" kit doesn't cover all the essential needs of a new family, I'm confident it includes many things that a new mom will thank you for when she finds herself in need in the middle of the night.  You can get this whole kit at Busy B Kids for about $172. Tie a roll of Lifesavers to the gift bag for a punny topper on this set of little necessities.

The Lifesaver Kit

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