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ARC InstaTemp™ – Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer - Busy B Kids - 1

ARC InstaTemp™ – Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer

$ 40.00

Change the way you take a temperature, without touching the body!

Developed for modern families, the ARC InstaTemp™ is a state of the art non-touch infra-red thermometer. The ARC InstaTemp™, new technology, beautiful easy to use design, and instant results.

Simple to Use & Easy to Read!

ARC InstaTemp’s™ state of the art design and digital layout provide easy to read instant temperature readings with the simple click of a button. The display can be set to Fahrenheit or Celsius and has a simple green, orange, or red warning light depending on temperature. Red, for hot, orange for warm, and green for normal.

Advanced Non-Touch Sensor Technology that works for your whole family!


Point the thermometer at the person as shown in the image below. Ensure the device is 0.5-1.2 inches from the forehead, above the eyebrows and between the eyes. The ARC InstaTemp™ must be held steady at a straight angle pointing directly at the center of the forehead in the area above the eyebrows and between the eyes when taking a temperature.

Hold the thermometer in position, and press and release the activation button once, simply point and click. Hold the thermometer in position until the display illuminates and the temperature reading is displayed on the screen.




  •  Medical Grade Clinical Device
  •  Recommended by Doctors and Nurses
  •  Non-Touch promotes infection control
  •  No hard to use wasteful probe covers
  •  Works instantly, no waiting
  •  Use asleep or awake
  •  2 year guarantee
  •  LED backlight for easy reading nighttime use

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